Is Choosing a Cheap Garden Office can be a False Economy?

You know the saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice”?  Well, the principle definitely applies when upgrading your home and adding extra features, and, as this type of work always involves a significant investment, you certainly don’t want to “buy twice”. Choosing a cheap garden office is always a false economy in our opinion.

You should always take your time to choose the right Garden Office for your needs, taking into account all relevant factors:

How much time will you spend in it?

  • What is your budget?
  • Will you need more space as your business grows?
  • Do you have stock you need to store?
  • What outside space have you got to work with?
  • What will you do in it?
  • What is the style of your home and garden?

Rushing the decision and basing your entire choice on budget and cost could cause you problems in the long run.  For example, if you choose a small, cheap ‘off the peg’ Garden Office, you might find you outgrow it if your business needs change.

The cheaper the construct, the less likely it is to be fully insulated. You might even find that as the weather turns colder you can’t bear to be in it! So unless you just work in the summer, this could result in an office you can’t use for half the year.

Of course, you can always heat it, but a cheaper unit will be more difficult to heat, pushing your longer term running costs up and up.

Not all ‘work’ is the same, as any artist or artisan will tell you. If you need to use your garden building as a studio, to paint, to create or make things, light will be an important consideration. Lots of cheaper garden rooms use fewer windows and allow less natural light into the space in order to cut down on costs.

Security is really important, especially if you have lots of electrical or computer equipment in your office – so make sure your garden office has adequate locking systems.

In short, if you have to compromise, it’s best to do so on size rather than quality.  A Garden office is a significant investment, and choosing a cheaper option is always a false economy.  A great building, built well and serving all your needs will last longer and offer much better value in the long run.