Best Office Chairs

As a business owner or staff member most of your day is spent in your office chair unless you are out and about. Office chairs can have a big impact on productivity , happiness and even health.

Productivity – A comfortable employee is less likely to fidget, go for a stretch or wander or spend time just getting comfortable. Chairs at the right height puts people in the optimum working position. A comfortable office also means staff members may take their breaks at their desks enabling them to answer phones and always tempted to check email.

Happiness – As above comfort lead to happiness, also an employer who cares about staff comfort gains respect and loyalty. Unhappy staff are
always less productive, a chair just for them makes them feel special.

Health – Posture is important especially for back, a chair set for the perfect posture position may prevent many days off sick with bad backs. Also preventing RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury should be considered when kitting out a new office. About Preventing RSI…

Types Of Chair

  • Breakout Seating
  • Executive
  • Folding
  • Posture
  • Operator Chair
  • Mesh Seating

Best Office Chairs


Office chairs

An Executive Leather Chair with generous cushioning on seat, back and arms, as well as a stylish chrome base. More info…

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